Ways to Save!



Pre-register for a complete twelve week series in one of our disciplines.  Drop-in rates are $24 per class, but when you PRE-REGISTER for all twelve weeks for $240, saving you $48.


Get a Group Class Pack!

Buy a Group Class Pack, good for ANY five (5) group classes for just $100, saving you $20 and the ability to mix up your schedule and take ANY group class scheduled. 


Refer a Friend!

You can get a $10 credit to your Booksteam.com/RiotCircusArts account when a friend signs up for their first class.  Just fill out this referral form.  When your friend signs up, they get $10 off their first class AND you get your $10 credit:

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Bring a Friend!

Private lessons are great with a friend!  At no additional cost, you can bring a friend to your private lesson.  Some friends split the twelve (12) pack of private lessons to train together and save!  Individually, private lessons are $65 an hour or you can get the twelve (12) pack of private lessons for $400, saving you $380!!!