One Arm Conditioning

You can safely condition your core, seratus anterior, and intercostal muscles for one arm lifts right on the ground.  If one arm strength is something that has intrigued you, read on!

Utilizing a strap or hand loop attached to stall bars or a secure point, keep the free arm next to your ear and compress your legs as tight to your torso as possible while you lift your hips.  I was able to do this exercise in straddle and in meathook positions.  The key to not flopping over on you side when you train the meathook position is to stay TIGHT through your core, seratus anterior, and intercostals.

Use this video as a guide:

Grow Your Wings: Aerial conditioning blog

I am a teacher.  I've spent the past ten years learning and experimenting to find the most effect, steam-lined exercises to better and further my aerial arts skills.

As a teacher, especially as of recent, I've noticed that students are fixating on learning trick after trick.  That's fine for Instagram videos, but what happens after trick?  Unfortunately, this kind of "one and done" training doesn't increase stamina by much and the strength gains are minimal.

My purpose here is to share what I know and practice for aerial strength and conditioning.  Implementing a routine strength and conditioning program into your weekly training schedule will increase your performance and overall abilities in the air.

What's important about what I've discovered over the years is most of the exercises I will be sharing with you can be done without the use of aerial equipment.  No studio required!  This is so important because the work you do outside of the studio, on the ground, is just as important and effective as what you do in the air.

Follow along for photos, videos, and tutorials for exercises to benefit aerialists of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.  

Kayla Dyches
Performer & Owner of Riot Circus Arts
Plymouth, PA

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