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Will I really get my Iron X in 6 weeks?

The answer is maybe.  It all depends on what you put into your Iron X goal AND at what level your training should begin.  I have broken down the common levels you may find yourself in; from there you will begin your training.  You may have to work through several training plans to get to your Iron X, but the good news is you have all training plan levels included here to ensure your success.  Use the following level categories to find out where you should start:

#1 Newbie

Perhaps you are brand new to aerial, pole, stall bars, or other extreme physical fitness routine.  You don’t have an inversion from the ground or the air, but you’re set on working toward an Iron X!  You will be following this program.

#2 Grounded Inverter

You’ve had some training and can get upside from the ground, be it from a pole, an aerial apparatus, monkey bars, or the like.  But dead lifting into inversions or lowering without losing control is still an issue.

#3 Aerial Inverter

You can complete inversions in the air with control on the lift and the descent.  However, pausing during the lift and/or the descent is not in your repertoire just yet.

Your Program

Now that you have a starting point, follow the appropriate six week plan for you.  Each program includes a video warm up, conditioning, stretching, and cool down queues.  If you feel “stuck” one week and the exercises feel too intense, repeat the previous week until you are confident in progressing to the next week.  Use the included print outs to monitor your training and progress for each day.

Especially for our Newbies, you may not have a strong Iron X by the end of the six weeks.  I would suggest moving up to the next level’s six week plan and repeat if necessary to solidify your Iron X.

Each week has three days of workout guidance, allowing you to have a rest day in between workouts.  It will be beneficial to have stall bars, a pole, or a pull up bar rack to utilize for some exercises.  You can get by without them, but your progress would be stifled. 

Mindset is everything.  Clear your head, have everything you need prepared and at hand, and go into your training each day with a positive attitude!

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